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    Hey there my friend,

    I wanted to reach out to you and discuss your Xy7Elite membership standing. As I'm sure you know Xy7Elite was created for the cream of the crop of our affiliate base. Offer higher payouts, exclusive only campaigns, weekly wires, an upcoming Xy7Elite Black Card (credit/debit card), and much more. This letter is being sent in hopes of helping you remain on our Elite network.

    Our requirements to be on this special division were cut and dry, you had to do a minimum of $5,000 per week in production in order to stay on Elite and receive the special perks. Keep in mind we intended to limit our Elite division to roughly 100 publishers so that we could continue to offer higher payouts while at the same time not over saturate our top offers.

    While going through our list of Elite affiliates we see that you are greatly under performing for the minimum requirements to remain on our elite network. We are more than happy to have you stay on Elite w/ us but you need to show a swift and immediate increase in production on our Elite network. Since its the holidays and we would love to work together to close the year out with a strong push, we're going to allow you to have a probationary period of 4 weeks in which we'll lower the minimum to $1000 a week to qualify. During this time if you hit these weekly minimums we'll allow you to remain on our network and then work towards the $5k a week minimums.

    We of course hope this letter finds you well and we truly would love to work w/ you to develop more business together. Please touch base w/ me so we can discuss getting things back in motion ASAP. We have some amazing deals ripe for the picking and you couldn't ask for a better time to build things bigger and better w/ Xy7Elite! Unfortunately if you do not respond to this letter we will be forced to terminate you account on Elite.

    We also hope that you have a wonderful holiday season filled w/ friends, family, and good times!

    Ahhhh The life of a marketer--- Lost my adwords supplier and shit like this happens!!! Just wanted to share this with everyone-- I found it extremely funny how after the threats, they said have a nice holiday!! LOL!
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    oh man..

    i know how you feel..