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So good to be True -- Buts YES

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by rxcash, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. rxcash

    rxcash Registered Member

    May 1, 2009
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    making money
    Hello Friends

    I have been here for a while and have seen many people coming up with new ways and innovative ways of getting things done and making money.

    Just sharing with you guys -- It takes me back to '03 :cool2: where i made my 1st 100$ just for selling an online service.

    BEfore that it was DAMN - was not able to get even 1c.
    But i kept trying and then one day just to my eyes it came so happily ,
    I got a person intrested in sending me 100 bucks to try my service.

    But yes I made it 10000% sure that he gets what he is paying for and should be more than happy to reffer me to his friends and renew the service.

    I did day n night hard work , and even sometimes skipped my sleep and food for some days in a week.

    But ultimately it was taking me towards an express highway..

    Life started rolling , started getting more clients and then more.

    Then I learnt new products , markets , how to get into it , followed by the ideas being pumped by that small worm in my head which used to keep working n itchin. lol

    Today am making quite good with some very good clients who are more than clients to me .

    Well -- the verdict -- NEVER Give up ,
    Even if you want to Giveup make sure you are doing it for a good or a better reason.

    Incase you are low , jus sit down , relax ur mind , have a dose of caffine and then think where your going wrong or being less attentive.

    And you will SURELY make it THROUGH.

    For People who're entering new to Internet marketing --

    You guys have SOLID potential to make a good living , you just need to put in that jekring hard work and you will see the results.

    Anyways ,

    My Fav Line -

    If you see a door closed on you , Become the Key to Open that Door , rather than Searching for a New one :)

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