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    Hello Blackhatters, My name is Babar Ali. My journey started with small sites, i failed a 100 times. I have been reading and applying different methods. Though i do have alot of restrictions i.e ( unavailability of paypal in my country). So whatever i wish to purchase ( I simply can't) . After reading / watching tons of methods. I started learning SEO. Although i am still in a learning phase and will always be. Two months ago i created a micro niche site and applied every info i got from Blackhatforums. First used google adwords keyword tool then used Stealth Keyword Analyzer to get a very low competition keyword. Now what i have done so far is mentioned in the steps below

    1.Created a wordpress site
    2.Installed plugins ( Free and Premium)
    3.Posted 100% unique articles ( On page seo optimized)
    4.Total articles till now (13)
    5.Created Social accounts and linked them to my site
    6.Created web 2.0 and all other links for tier 1 ( Manually)
    7.Used bookmarking demon, senuke x , wiki bomber, sb bomber, Scrapebox for tier 2 and tier 3 backlinks)
    8.Created Angela High Pr Backlinks for my money site
    9.Created Other High Pr Backlinks found from google
    10.Registered High Pr tumblr Blogs from 3-4 , posted articles ( 60-70% unique) and linked them to my money site.
    11.Total 13 Articles ( Every single article has a keyword which is very low competition, CPC ($3-$4) , Internal linked with each other.
    12.Also ordered a SEO service of $5 from Tiered Link paramid SEO service , here on Blackhatworld. got the report and blasted them with senuke and scrapebox.
    13.Also created 13 unique videos for every post and linked youtube videos to them.

    My keyword rankings

    Main site keyword ( today i see its on page 2 last position( yesterday is was on page 3 and its been on page 4 for 2 weeks)
    Another keyword on page 2 (has been on page 2 since 2 weeks)
    3 more keywords on page 3-4
    While remaining one's are no where to be found.

    ( I used most of the keywords for backlinks)

    My keywords Search engine volume : The keywords i chose do not have more than 6k searches/month from us. Some of them have 1300/permonth, some 2800/month and one 5400/month. I did not go for 50k/30k+ search volumes keyword per month.

    Other sites ranking on first place for the same keyword : Top First site has the keyword in its title and is quite a big site with PR4 and pretty less alexa, while others are around pr3, p2, pr1.
    Im gonna increase the articles from today onwards ( 2-3 articles per day).

    Now : why have i posted this ?

    This is the first time i have seen my rankings on google in top 5 pages. I have done blunders in past, but now i hope to see some good results. Till now i have not earned a single cent from this site. My site does not get any traffic. I guess if rankings go to top 1-2 then i may be able to get some traffic and clicks on my ads.

    I wanted to ask you guyz :

    How can i reach to top 1-2 positions for my keywords ? What have i missed ? what should i go for ??
    Will i be able to achieve 30$/per day from this site ?
    What have i done wrong ?
    Please guide me further
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    I make approx $20-$78 a day from ONE french youtube saturated niche. If you get yours to 1st page then yes you probably should be able to make $30 a day