So did IG+OG with good results, any other methods y'all recommend

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    Hey playas,

    So I've had good success with IG. Got 108 accounts and am quiet happy with the results. I'm going to continue cpa with IG because I can just set it up and run it in the background and occasionally tweak it. I spent countless hours working on my IG setup and now I'm looking for a new method. I'm not like some of the fucks that ask for advice on how to get rich quick and then end up giving up.

    I hate the whole idea behind CPA. The reason is that you are always getting the short end of the stick. Affiliate marketers are making much more money off of you than you make off of them. I would like my new venture to cut out the middle man and I have time to learn new things.

    I was just looking around and I saw that growing accounts can be pretty profitable and I have my accounts in a variety of different niches. I was thinking that eventually when my accounts get their follow count up that I could transform them into white hat growing accounts in the same niche. I was also looking into dropshipping through IG.

    Furthermore, I'm in this private skype group and this user on there is making an absolute killing off of email spamming. I'm not sure what he is doing exactly, all I know is that he collects emails and instead of trying to send them to an affiliate marketer, he does whatever it is himself.

    So in short, if y'all could spit out some GENERAL ideas for some more long term but profitable ventures I would appreciate it. Not asking for spoonfed ideas, just some things to help me in looking into new things. Thanks