So... CeCash Sucks..

Discussion in 'CPA' started by coreygeer, Aug 5, 2009.

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    What happened to these guys? These guys used to be cash machines and were a really great network. I don't know if their landing page sucks or if they're doing some major shaving but here's my stats.

    (Remember: All people have to do is enter their e-mail and confirm it. So either these people enter fake e-mails or they never ever check their e-mail again, but then again on page 1 of the website it tells them they'll have to confirm it.)

    It's also been brought to my attention that e-mails might be hitting the spam folder. Well I've checked this out with Yahoo and with Gmail (not Hotmail yet) and it doesn't seem to go to Junk mail, it showed up right in the Inbox.

    Each submit pays $1.50 once they confirm and each sign up pays $15.

    Raw Views: 3,804
    Submits: 219
    Confirm: 38
    Unconfirm: 2
    Paid Sign Ups: 2

    And I'm not the only one having this problem, I sold an e-book recently with a little CeCash method.. it wasn't anything blackhat, it was just about driving traffic to it and I'm getting some e-mails asking what people are doing wrong because they have stats that look like that above.

    Anyone have any theories on this? It would be sad to find out CeCash started shaving people because they used to be an amazing network.
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    Cecash is a good company :), so i think it was something to do with visitors..these days children too visit porn sites, so i think they were scared to enter their real Emails.