someome knows the method? It's fantastic!

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    Hello. I am new to this internet marketing and newest to CPA offers. I searching and researching and I saw a website company that pay CREDITS to people to complete cpa offers by email and trade the credits with money or more promotions or tv or iphones etc. the website is SNAPDOLLARS...the website is like cpa networks but for newbies right? Because I think they pay very less than cpa networks and people think WOWOWOW nice company is giving money to people just to read emails and complete free servies :D:D:D I mean everyone is understanding the power of this. I think the method is new and if someone is knowing the method please say something like if it is legal, if i need a lot of work, any info is good for me! DONT WORRY BECAUSE I JUST WANT TO DO THIS TO MY SMALL COUNTRY TO HELP PEOPLE GET EXTRA INCOME AND I COULD EARN TOO!

    The beauty of this is they paying 30 % of OF AFFILIATE REFFERER and 10 % of referrer of refferer. The marketing is fantastic they just tell : invite friends and family and earn more huhuhuhuhu

    I want to know if this method is 100% legal. I could see in some cpa offers (incentives: credits allowed) or something like that. Is that offers for that kind of method?

    If someone could help me with this now, i could apreciate that so well.................. I never forget when people help me :)

    Thanks blackhatworld,