SMS and facebook bombing

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    Feb 5, 2009
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    I need some assistance... Not to be another one of the "my girlfriend cheated on me" threads, but lets just get past that concept and say that there is a dude in my town that used to date my gf and tonight tried to start trouble with my girl and I.
    Basically, I am looking for some SMS bombing if someone feels like some sunday mischief and maybe some help from some gay e-whores (really gay or not, I don't care). We're looking for some homo-erotic facebook/myspace posts.
    Anyone that can help, please PM me.

    And for those of you looking for some funny drama to read: my gf (a real sweetheart!) used to date this guy that cheated on her by being a gay slut. Really: he would go to gay bars, find a hookup, do his biz, and then still pretend to be straight with her. He finally told her one night while influenced by a truth-outing substance and she punched him in the face as she dumped him. Fast forward to today: he came into an establishment we were in with his current woman of the hour and friends. They gave dirty looks and even took some swings at us before being escorted from the premesis and keyed my car. So now that I need my car painted, I want some revenge.