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    snowtion is alternative to adsense

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    Compatible with ad networks like Text Link Ads or Google Adsense?

    SmowtionMedia focuses on display ads and banners, so it's fully compatible with text and context links such as Google Adsense? or Text Link Ads.

    Not only are we compatible with other networks, but we also encourage you to consider us in addition to the tags you?re using on your site . This way you?ll increase your income just by adding a tag! (Current income + SmowtionMedia income).

    Payment options

    You can choose between two payment methods: a check mailed to your home address or Paypal. .

    We?re working on (and it will be available shortly!) an ATM card we will be able to send you by mail, that you?ll be able to use on any ATM anywhere in the world, shops, restaurants and online..

    Revenue Share

    Thanks to what we?ve learned these past years by developing and analizing users? interactions with our network?s content, we?re able to apply our knowledge into the ads we serve. This optimizes the ads we show to each user and improves their performance .

    Today the market offers a 60% profit. We take it from there and we intend to improve it as we learn about your website and your readers. .

    Tech support

    At SmowtionMedia we want all your queries to be answered, that?s why each publisher is assigned his/her own account executive, who you?ll find at the ?My account executive? section.

    So if you have any queries or suggestions, you can write, chat online or call your account executive.
    We serve ads, always.

    At SmowtionMedia every pageview counts. Thanks to our agreements with other companies, we?ll always have ads to show on your site.
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    I am very satisfied with them (earnings and service). Instead of 60 % they pay you 80% (and 5% to me, 6 month) if you sign up with my link (PM me).
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    Adult sites accepted?