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Hello @All i am very new on this board and ,,the panel using" i have only german tooo extrem expensive panels, without impressum and soo...

Can I have please a Test Balance??
My Name :derorka
Ordered (LinkedIn | Growth - LinkedIn | Endorsements - 165 per 1000) on January 30th; The service advertises 0-24 Hours.

Haven't seen anything 24 hours later, opened a ticket and it said no one was available and to provide an email, didn't hear back on email. Tried chat again the next day and got a rep that said he can't help me, open a ticket.
I opened a ticket, the response was fast but the reply was my concern was forwarded to the marketing department and the ticket was closed.

Haven't heard from the marketing department.

Order ID: 5709987 / User: Nuzzie
The rules for test balance is 1 year BHW account and more than 50 posts.
Maybe this should be on first message.
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