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    I just need to request some help in figuring out what direction I might need to take for an 'interview' coming up for the Social Media Marketing/Management of a company.

    I'm assuming I should do some market research on the competition and develop a marketing plan for the company prior to the interview(?)...

    This type of company is built to be like 'Groupon', and their intention is to actually have me interview to be a SMM head to help them grow a SMM sales team.
    You'll have to forgive this rather 'newb' question, as I did just hop into this field of Offline Marketing AND Social Media. And even though I am keeping my game face on and I can talk my way out of a paper bag-- I'm clenching my teeth trying to figure out how to prepare for the meeting.

    Steps? Hints? Tricks? Spur of the moment half-baked articles rambling on philosophy of marketing might help too.

    Anywhoo, thanks ahead of time. This sort of just fell into my lap before I was actually prepared for it.
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