Smartest way to invest $50k?


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Jul 27, 2010
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Hey BHW. Less than a year ago I started IM , made my own money (for the first time!!) in my 20s, now scaling it as my as I can, building social media presence, doing affiliate marketing, dropservicing, and trying to learn dropshipping.

My parents have always been really supportive to me, backing me up. As a result of me finally working, they want to lend / invest some of their earnings on my online businesses. Although I feel honored and grateful, I don't how to smartly invest is as I've never held large amounts of money on my hands.

What would a good approach be? I feel like once your budget goes above a certain threshold, there are no boundaries as to what you can do.

I think you should invest in what gives you money, and then diversify testing new ways of income, and if they work, investing also to scale that.
Dont use $50k in a row cause you will lose it all since you have no experience. Get to work and learning first.