Small Quantity Wholesale E-Cigarette Packs - A trial offer for BHW members!

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    Hi guys,

    For those who don't know us yet, we are an E-Cigarette Manufacturer from Shenzhen, China. I have received very good responses from the E-Cigarette Manufacturer thread in this section of the forum. We are in the middle of a few Branding/ OEM projects with prospective clients and everything is progressing very well.

    However, I noticed that many of those who contacted us are turned off by the Minimum Order Quantities, which is 100 kits. Most of you are just starting out and do not wish to purchase large quantities.

    I thought about it and decided to try offering small wholesale packs for those who wants to try this business with a smaller investment.

    However, I will not be able to offer a wide variety of models or offer the same low prices. It will be with a small price difference.

    Now, for the model, I will be selecting the KR808D-1, as this is what most of the premium brands are selling. Such as Smoke51, Greensmoke and many others. This is a good model for new users, as it is easy to use and resembles a regular cigarette. *Please see attachment for more info*

    Each Starter Kit will contain 2 Batteries, 6 Disposable Cartomisers, USB + Wall Charger, Instruction Manual and a Gift Box Packaging.

    Here are the quantity breaks:

    20 Starter Kits = $18 each
    50 Starter Kits = $16.5 each

    If this receives a good response, I will then come back with the shipping rates in the next post. Shipping may vary as BHWers are from all over the world. I will quote shipping on a country to country basis.

    Besides starter kits, cartomisers (refills) are an important part of the business since you get recurring revenue from this. I will recommend that you get at least 10pcs to 20pcs of extra cartomisers for each starter kit. If you are on a small budget, you can go for less. Its really up to you. Cartomisers are $0.65 each. No MOQs required, as long as you go for the quantities listed above.

    The most popular flavors are Marlboro and Menthol flavors.

    I guess thats it for the moment. Lets see if this is a viable option to make our products more accessible to BHW members!



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