Small Private PBN what kind of link to get?


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Nov 1, 2013
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hello i bought some expired domains few months ago, i will now start to run a small PBN of 10 websites, and i believe it's time for me to go to an another level.

I believe it's an HQ PBN. I write everything myself, 50% of post are empty of link.

Metric for one of my website (majesticseo) : TF 14 / CF 30 / DA16

I want to know what you think about this :p . What should i do to get more power ? buy some strong backlink ? Do some white seo by myself ? Is it worth ?

My money and time are limited i wonder if i go with more website or if i try to make my 10 websites better ?

After 10 websites i will need some writing service so their will be more cost i believe.

Is it cool to share some post with another PBN (link exchange?)

what next you think?
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