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Small PPI dealing only direct person to person [Silent Install, Good Rates, Live Stats]

Discussion in 'Pay Per Install' started by nexium6611, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. nexium6611

    nexium6611 Newbie

    Jun 12, 2015
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    I have started a small direct person2person PPI network for installers capable of over 500 installs daily (or equivalent per month)
    I was sick of getting installs stolen from me by companies like Installerex & amonetize so I have developed small software that modifies search engine behaviour in installs to generate you revshare cash. Tier 1 installs easily clear over $1+ per month in revshare each and last for ages due to the lightweight nature of this program. If you are tired of installs dying fast or having revenue stolen from you by these big companies come and try out my software. You will have a simple stats page with live updates of installs and your own unique silent .exe linked to that which is updated 2x a day.
    If you are interested in this my sk.yp.e ID is logikbomb6611 and I will happily chat to you about this.