Small Hosting Accounts $12 and under?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by MakeLemonade, Nov 3, 2011.

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    (That should read, "plus the cost of a dedicate IP address")
    I've got a bunch of markets I want to rank for - and will have 4 sites in each market. The plan is to dominate the first half of the SERPs.

    But I want them all to be on separate Class C IPs so Google can't identify them as all belonging to me. I do have my own VPS, and am going to upgrade to a dedicated. But that's only for one of the 4 sites. I'd like to find hosting for the other 3.

    Hostgator comes up again and again - you can even get a dedicated IP address for your site, apparently. So that's one more in addition to my server.

    Two left - who do you recommend for hosting? I'd like something that:
    • Allows multiple parked domains (will run Wordpress Multisite)
    • Allows a dedicated IP address if possible.
    • Awesome server response time.
    • Not over-sold.