Slow Journey to $300 a day with $300 investment

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    No more self sabotage! I am here because I can't do it alone...

    My name is Christopher and I am recently new to the site and have been a reader and lurker for the past 4 weeks. I am at the point after reading a lot of posts and things rooted from this forum, to advance to the next step. So much stuff, so many paths. Its like ordering a beer from a bar with a 1000 beers on tap. Which one? Which one?

    I am currently unemployed with limited funds but I have a lot of time and as a IT Systems Engineer (normal day job) I am used to hours in front of the computer. Extremely computer literate with hacking and scripting skills (batch, vbscript).

    I have completed level 1 "High level overview" of Interent Marketing. And now the next level is "Creating a plan".

    Inventory: I currently have 5 wordpress autoblog adsense / clickbank websites with about 3000 non unique content articles that have been added 2 - 4 a day since 2011. Since 2011 I have made $88. Although I have done really nothing to them since they were made in 2011.

    I have 4 more domain names all with bluehost hosting.
    I have a paypal account , and a papypal cc, old ebay account, clickbank, adsense, old amazon affiliate account, $300 investment, wordpress "X" theme, and Dragon Dictation (MAC) (probably other stuff I have forgotten)

    What I really want to do is to get to the $300 a day of passive income and focus on some of these really cool, albiet risker, ideas people have on this site! I want to be a part of this group and be able to not only find help but to be able to give back as well!

    My priority is to make money but long term I love the idea of ebooks, udemy courses, blogs and ecommerce sites related to things I am actually interested in. Signed up for a writing class this spring. I am an ok writer just really slow and inexperienced writing 750+ word articles on a regular basis. I did commit to write in my journal 3 pages everyday to get into the practice. It has been helpful!

    Ok so I need a plan. What I ask for is help in the way of ideas with the $300 investment. Do I spend the $300 on making money in the short term to have more money to invest in long term projects? (Thats what I am thinking) How do you suggest I spend all this free time and $300 towards my goal? Should I just wait until I have more money saved to invest to do it right?

    Also I would be interested in any groups that are forming that want to take the IM journey together.

    Big thanks to all the great people here! This is a really awesome group. I am impressed!!!

    - Christopher
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    Good luck with your journey :)
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    good luck, good example how non uniquie content is not working... Hope you learned and will perform better now :)
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    Hey Christopher,

    I wish I had your skills. The sky is the limit with those skill sets, if you can figure out how to use them.

    For the $300, you will likely blow it really fast on crap you don't need.

    It sounds like you need to pick one thing and focus on it until you do well or fail. Then again, who am I to talk about focusing?

    Good luck!