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    hey fellow black hatters

    1 month ago i started with bunch of blogs that are taking some info from other sites and shows them in posts on blog.

    1. site i made was indexed super fast, like 3 days from i put the content on, i already had indexed 5000 sites. Now after one month, google inexed about 25k sites and im getting good visits for them.

    like 1 week after i started 1. blog, i started with other one, that works same way, have same template, just the content is diffrent and optimized for other keywords... so completly diffrent contnet except few words, that are repeating on each blog post on both blogs.

    word: unique words
    word2: unique words
    word3: unique words

    The titles are unique... generated by what comes after word:

    Other site have 200 indexed, i made pretty much exact backlinks to it, having both sites on diffrent ip but same hosting.

    The problem is the indexed number on blog 2. dont change and im getting little worried since i expected pretty much the same effect with indexiing.

    the domains are young 1 month, i made some non spammy backlinks and now the portron from fivver made me 3000 link pyramid.... im still waiting for those links to be indexed so no result now.

    Any service here, that would get my page indexed on bhw?

    and any suggestions what should i do in this case? Thanks