Slipknot bassist Paul Gray found dead today

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    searched and didn't see it so...

    URBANDALE, IOWA (WIREUPDATE) ? Paul Gray?s death has come as a total shock to fans of heavy metal. The 38-year-old Slipknot bassist was found dead at a hotel in central Iowa earlier on Monday. We have the very latest from the scene.

    The body of Paul Gray was found at the TownePlace Suites hotel in Johnston, a small city in Polk County. Police said they responded after hotel employees had reported finding a deceased guest, and paramedics officially pronounced him death at 10.58 Central time.

    Polk County Medical Examiner Gregory Schmunk had told news wire service BNO News that he would be performing an autopsy on Gray on Tuesday. ?I will be performing the autopsy tomorrow morning,? Schmunk said. The coroner said Paul?s family had been notified.

    Police say there is no sign of foul play, but the cause remains under investigation.

    Slipknot, a famous heavy metal band from Des Moines, Iowa, was formed in 1995. There are nine members of the band, including Paul Gray who was the bassist. Slipknot released their album ?Slipknot? in 1999.

    Slipknot is considered to be the pioneer of the ?New Wave of American Heavy Metal?. In their earlier years their songs had various vocal styles, from growling to rapping and melodic singing. Recently they have relied more on the melodic singing.

    Band members of Slipknot each wear a trademark jumpsuit and each wear a unique mask.
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    shit, this is bad news... i love slipknot and been a long time fan of theirs. wonder what the hell happened ...
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    just found out pete steel from type o negative died not long ago too.

    bad time for good bands.