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Jul 26, 2016
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I'm new to skype (1 week). It was going fine, but today it can't send messages.

It keeps loading

Yes buddy I think that you have problem with the internet connection desable and enable again
Make sure you don't have enabled proxy settings on skype and some random port.
Yes,This is not only your skype ,Mine started opening when i changed user in my pc.If your using phone please go to Settings>Apps,then scroll to skype and clear cookies.Try login in again sure it will open.Sometimes this is based on accumulated messages and all that..Thanks....
Skype is also down on my end. Both PC and Mobile phone. It's just connecting.
Skype has been down for the past 7 hours in Europe. It comes and goes on my computer, but they are working on the problems as I type this!
Same here. I live in Europe. Just waiting for updates. (Tried desktop and smartphone).
Mine connects, but just says "updating conversations".
Yep Skype was experiencing problems yesterday and today I have heard. so it should be nothing on your end, but try installing it again, are you on windows or mac?
You’re definitely not alone, OP. I and several people I communicate through Skype with have had one problem or another with it. For me, Skype has been chaos ever since they rolled out the new mobile version. Sometimes I can’t log in at all and sometimes I receive messages without being able to send them. No point in reinstalling or trying to tamper with the software, it’s obviously a problem with Skype itself. Nothing to do but wait it out and use some substitute in the meantime.
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