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    I will give you a brief description of what I need my website for. The website will be used to rent sports facilities for one hour slots.
    The website will need to cover the following points:
    1) It will need to be well designed include a nice main page with news and navigation to the following feature (as well as a how to find us and contact us page). Website will have advertisements through adsense and through other sponsors (need to be well place and not interfere with the user experience).
    2) It will need an online booking system. It will allow the user to book for one time or recurring every week. Payment will be via paypal (and possibly another local payment vendor). Users will be able to express their interest to be notified in case of cancellations (and will be notified automatically if cancellations occur). Users will be able to cancel and receive a refund (the percentage of which depends on how early they cancelled).
    3) The website will include a system which will allow users to find opponents through the website (they will be able to view and rank their oponents).
    4) The website will allow the capability to view videos of events (a large number of videos is expected so it will need to be organized by day). Videos are planned tol be stored on youtube at the moment.
    5) Users will be able to register or express their interest for tournaments through the website.
    6) Website will need to be in two languages (a later expansion to 3 languages is considered but not a limiting factor if you are unable to do it).

    If you are interested and can do this let me know via PM or post here if you do not have access to PM. Examples of complicated projects you undertook will be appreciated in our review process.
    Please note that official offer letters will be needed when we discuss the details as well as invoices to our company to confirm billing and payment (This part can be ignored if you can offer prices at least 70% lower than the ones offered by your competitors).

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    My interest is my job!
    sent you a PM

    please check...
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    PM'ed you our portfolio. Kindly check it out. Thanks.