Skilled flash programmer needed to edit existing swf file

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    ***Below are complete project instructions. I'm an experienced outsourcer and understand that communication is key to getting projects done quickly and effectively. I will be available to communicate with you throughout the project to answer any questions via gmail, skype, microsoft chat, yahoo chat, or any other chat***

    This is an old swf object that used to be our full website, we are repurposing it as a landing page that, when clicked, will open our standard signup popup, and that's all we need the flash object to do.

    The idea is to update the text in different sections of the flash object to make it up-to-date, and to display the same popup that's currently on when a user clicks on the flashing 'sign up free' text.

    This object was originally a full website, and since we no longer need 90% of the functionality of this swf object, it is key that the file size be reduced as much as possible without affecting anything about how the flash looks or sounds in the initial screen.


    1.) Download the .swf object from a web[dot]archive[dot]org search for

    www[dot]collegestock[dot]com from December 24, 2005.

    2.) In the box labeled "Receive FREE CollegeStock Alerts!":

    remove everything in the green section (where the 'enter your email', input box, and GO button are). Make the whole box link to the same action as the flashing 'signup FREE' button above.

    3.) Change text that comes up after clicking 'About CollegeStock' in the main section AND 'About Us' in the footer to: is the Internet?s #1 destination for stock market education.

    The Dean of goes beyond anything you?ll learn in school, because he focuses on real-time trends in the capital markets, with a focus on speculative investing. Whether you?re a beginner or advanced trader, you?ve come to the right place to learn.

    The Dean maintains a strict focus on lecturing about real world ways to make money in the stock market, so don?t expect much lecturing on FICO scores, IRA?s, or savings tips. What you can expect, however, is to get an education about the capital markets. Our motto says it all?? "Higher Learning for a Higher Net Worth."

    4.) Change text that comes up after clicking 'Site Policy' in the footer to:

    Use the full terms found here: collegestock[dot]com/terms/

    5.) When users click on the flashing 'Signup FREE' text or the 'Receive FREE CollegeStock Alerts' box, it should open a lightbox (we will use Thickbox 3) that can overlay an HTML iframe over the flash.

    It should work the same way as this javascript function we are using on the site:

    See an example on www[dot]collegestock[dot]com - the popup comes after a short period on our current site. For this project, it should only open when 'Signup FREE' or the 'Receive FREE CollegeStock Alerts' is clicked.

    6.) Change text in footer from "Copyright (c) 2006 CollegeStock, Inc" to "Copyright (c) 2004-2009 CollegeStock, Inc"

    7.) Try to reduce the size as much as possible. We will only be using the 'Splash Screen' -- so only what's seen on first load will be needed.

    8.) Create 3 Versions: one that says Collegestock[dot]com in the header, one for Collegestock[dot]net, and one for Collegestock[dot]org

    $50-$100 would be my guess on what this costs.