Six Free Online Tools To Improve Your Productivity

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    Got this from Perry Marshall. The 'reading grade level' checker is quite useful.

    1. One of the secrets to writing great copy is making it
    REALLY easy to read. 7th grade reading level or lower = good copy.
    College level = VERY BAD COPY!

    Most of Gary Halbert's classic letters read at the 4th to 5th grade level.
    That's why they're so "primal," so persuasive.

    Paste your text into either:

    Or into

    and you'll see what grade level your ad text is.

    2. FormatIT - I format my emails 60-65 characters wide.
    Makes them easier to read. does this for
    you while leaving long URL's intact. There's also a "Re-FormatIT"
    option that removes carriage returns and unwanted characters.

    3. Google's Wonder Wheel visually represents the way
    Google's search engine perceives the relationships between
    keywords. You only have to play with it for 30 seconds to
    get the idea. It also illustrates how Google's bot initially
    chooses sites for ads in the Content Network.

    To use it: Go to, do a search and click on
    "Show Options." Down a few inches on the right side is a link called
    "Wonder Wheel."

    4. Google's keyword-based search tool - Seldom talked about
    but allows you to sift and sort keywords according to all
    kinds of advanced criteria like bid price, level of
    competition, ad share, search share, and competitor.

    5. Need to send a 100 megabyte audio or video file?
    YouSendIt is great for sending huge files without using
    email attachments.

    6. Visual Thesaurus - I don't know about you, but for me,
    thesauruses seldom give me the exact word I'm looking for.
    Visual Thesaurus, however, is a graphical tool that's a
    lot like Google's Wonder Wheel. You can chase strings of
    words and relationships. The paid version is $20. per year.
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    I'm not sure the aforementioned are any good for increasing productivity, but some interesting tools nonetheless. Thanks added.