sitewide links to money site from tier1?

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    Hi guys,
    I'm in a dilemma and I'd like your advice.
    I have money site and I have several tier 1 sites for specifically that money site.

    I did some SEO on my tier 1 sites with the relevant keywords as well and some started to get
    ranking and some traffic. This is good.

    But the problem is I want to put sitewide links on my tier1 sites to my sales page
    (on money site) now that I have traffic rather than just use them as link sources.

    So - I thought of 3 options.
    (1) Don't care about anything and just put site wide links from tier1 to money site (the sales page)
    (2) Do like (1) but use the no follow tag with the sitewide links
    (3) Make another sales page within tier1 with "no index"

    If I only have one site with traffic I would do (1), but I have more than 1.
    Option (3) is good in a sense it wouldn't give any sitewide links but it is a duplicate content.
    Yes with no index it should be fine but if manually reviewed G would know they are my sites.
    Besides it might confuse customers.

    I'm leaning toward (2).
    What do you guys think?