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Apr 10, 2012
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So far I have stumbled upon:
Share if you know any other sites so we can eventually write for higher rates, please.

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If you're happy writing for such a low price, places like The Content Authority and Write should be up your alley.
Yeah I know, it's very low, but at the moment I can't find anything better. I'm trying to make a connection here and there to eventually write for higher rates, but that takes time.
thank you for posting the websites. i'm sure it does take a long time to get some sort of reputation before making a lot of money. you gotta sink to swim haha
try elance. do the first jobs cheaper so you could get good reviews and then you can increase your price and ask more and more as long as your feedback remains high and the number of jobs goes up
Try Freelance. and Fiverr like it is Good..
isn't associatedcontent still paying? they are yahoo voices now but don't they still pay for articles?
Have anyone tried articleteller? It seems very similar to iWriter to me
you may use Odesk, there is a lot of work out there and even you can get regular work for higher rates.
good luck
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