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    We are doing major upgrades to the system this week. The api is back online and the wordpress plugin (v1) works. The feeder site package works. The junk generator in the client area works as well.

    The new wordpress plugin (v2) is due out next week as well as a YACG plugin. We could use a couple more YACG testers. We also have a surprise that we are going to leave you in suspense about.

    That being said. We are rolling out alot of new code this week. The new content generator (JunkGenerator v2) provides much better content, is faster, and does not have the duplicate content bug that shows up sometimes. We suggest waiting just a bit if you are planning on using the wordpress plugin or the feeder site package for autobloging until the new plugins are released. Feel free to use the Junk Generator in the client area for now.

    For now the beta is free. We will be moving to a paid system soon, but we will wait until the JunkGenerator v2 is up and the new plugins are out.

    We will be selecting 20 users for a lifetime free account. The people chosen for the free account will be people that can prove that they have helped SiteJunk grow, whether it be helping with the api, plugin suggestions/help, content suggestions, traffic sources, reviews or traffic.

    We know that a lot of you are tired of spinning articles, scraping rss feeds, and yada yada. SiteJunk is the new solution for automated content generation. Where else can you get search engine food simply be inserting a keyword?

    You can sign up for the beta here,

    Add the product to the cart and please fill in your correct info. There is no cost for the beta!

    The SiteJunk Team
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