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    Hey everyone,

    Have bought a hosting package for a new site I am planning on launching soon, and they (SiteGround) have this offer where I send a "friend" an email telling them about a fully featured hosting account at a heavily discounted price of $9.95 a year. I have had an extensive look at their cPanel etc and it is pretty user-friendly, and it has Zend Optimiser enabled etc. Am not sure if this is counted as affiliate promotion (I would be entered in a monthly draw to win a months free hosting, no comissions will be made) but I thought that my fellow BlackHatters would be interested. If you want to have a look at the offer pm me and I can provide further info. I couldn't find a page that gave more info about this offer on their site if you're wondering why I can't give anything on here.

    Note: I am NOT promoting any affiliate links etc, I know that is against T.O.S here. Have been a regular member here for over a year and wouldn't want to ruin the awesome time I've been having here.
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