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    I've got this from another forum. i want to share this and hope this information mean something for you

    Dear Forum Member,

    Being a member of the SiteGround forum makes you eligible to our special Labor Day Friends promotion. We give SiteGround customers, friends and forum members the opportunity to start the new business season with a great hosting offer: one year of hosting at the price of one month! Now you can start a new website or transfer an existing one to our servers and get a whole year of web hosting for $9.95!

    Only few days left to get our end of summer $9.95 friends promo!

    To help you have a great start of the new business season with a new website we decided to give you you our expert hosting pack and a FREE domain name at an unbeatable price. The offer is perfect if you plan to start a new website or if you are not completely happy with your current hosting provider. We also encourage you to share it with people you think may be interested and may need an easy and affordable start for their website during this business season. Our hosting services include:

    Fast & secure servers
    Expert support
    Free website transfer
    Free domain name
    Unlimited space and traffic
    Price: ONLY $9.95 for ONE year of hosting PLUS domain name

    Get full-featured web hosting at 90% OFF!
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    OMG this kinda seems too good to be true!
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    Thank you for sharing!
    But before I jump into and found myself in-front of the gun point.
    I would like to know if anyone have experience with them and please kindly review it.

    Update:I find out the plan that offer is only for a single site. In another word, it don't come with unlimited domain host.
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