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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by loclhero, Jul 12, 2008.

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    Okay, a little background and then maybe someone can make a suggestion.

    I got started with online businesses in the late 90's. Due to my involvement in bodybuilding, I created, by hand in basic html, a nutritional, fitness and bodybuilding supplement website and company. Over the years I kept adding page after page after page of new products, all by hand. It was pretty much just a template I'd use for new products, add the new graphics, pricing etc and off I'd go.

    I made a decent living for a while and in fact, back when SEO was simple, I was in the top 10 on G, Y and MSN for virtually every item I sold. I was actually in the #1 position on G and Y for 3 years running for a search that had over 1.5 million results. But to make an incredibly long story short, started losing money and after much agonizing, shut 'er down and parked the domain. I then got involved with what I'm doing now making (to me) insane amounts of money doing fuck all. The upshot is that I made a few bucks with the parked domain but always wanted to do something with it.

    The problem is that I've got an incredible number of pages of items all with pricing that is obsolete, code from a third party (now cancelled) shopping cart and other shit that would take forever to edit out etc. Plus the site has disappeared from google for any product searches.

    So I'm wondering what I should do and I have a couple ideas that maybe someone could give their opinion on:

    1 - If I were to hire someone (or do it myself) and remove all irrelevant code, I could probably become an affiliate for a former competitor but having been lost in any serps, would I jump back in once I took the domain off Sedo?

    2 - The company name, never incorporated just a DBA, is the same name of a number of other companies in related fields. If you google the company name without the dotcom, you get a lot of results. Should I contact these companies and offer to sell the domains (.net and .com)? I know it's lame but I started this baby from zero and it's like a child to me. A child in a coma but still a child. I know it's probably putting too much emotion into what should be pure business/dollars and cents but I wouldn't sell it for cheap.

    3 - Point the name servers back to my host and just put a for sale sign on the site? Similar to above but less pro-active.

    4 - If you google the dotcom, I still have almost a thousand results turn up on G. Is that worth anything?

    Sorry for the long story but I want to try and do something in the last half of the year with this and wanted some input from fellow BHW'ers