Site with 1.2 million impressions per month - Recommended CPM network?

Discussion in 'Pay Per View' started by xodus, Jan 30, 2015.

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    Jan 30, 2015
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    I was wondering if there were any networks out there that I could use that could offer decent rates of CPM for an adult site.
    I'm guessing 1.2 million impressions per month is an okay number to get some reasonable numbers running into monetization.

    The only drawbacks are that I want to strictly avoid:
    • mobile re-directs
    • redirected links
    • audio in embedded ads
    • CPC / CPI
    • excessive pop-ups

    I'm trying to avoid but will tolerate:
    • some pop-unders
    • some pop-ups
    But otherwise, it should be fine.
    There are no restrictions on extreme or misleading content on ads.

    I realize that the above conditions would allow for better rates of pay but I'm convinced that with the audience visiting the site, I'd end up losing traffic if I did implement them. Which networks do you guys recommend looking into?
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    You can use 2 popunder per website & earn good money...
    PopAds Reviews & PlugRush Reviews

    i'm using Plugrush & Popads in my Mp3 Music website, (Plugrush: banner & popunder) (Popads: just popunder);
    My traffic is: 2000 uv per day (Plugrush & Popads dont count all traffics)
    15% USA
    10% india,
    9% africa,
    7% UK

    Plugrush screenshot (my account, my traffic & my income):


    Popads screenshot (my account, my traffic & my revenue):


    also, CPA offers would work fine in your website, if you like it..?!!!!