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May 25, 2014
I have a site which I have done very little blackhat SEO on but it keeps unidexing its self frome google.

When I go to the Webmaster tool is goes back on google and normally the same rank it was.

Why is this? Thanks in advance.
You should do Forum posting and then ping the forum posts to googleping it will help you out and if you are still facing the problem you should just change the content in your page and also include meta tags if they are already there then change them...make a slight change in title also along with the Description of the page too (Make it short and include your title in it) then log in to google webmasters and do fetch as google first for All the linked pages and then only for the home page.
Is it a new site?
Are you adding new content to it?
Is it a blog style site with a front page that changes often?

If a site is new (up to a few months) then it will bob about as Google decides what it should rank for.
By un-indexed do you mean really un-indexed or just not showing for the keywords you expect it to rank for (they are completely different things)

do a URL: search for your site - if it appears - it isn't un-indexed.

Remember - Google decides what your site ranks for not you. You can persuade them subtly of course (which is what SEO is) but you might be ranking for words or phrases that you really don't expect to when a site is new.
Particularly true if you have a blog roll on the front page and it changes all the time. To begin with this really confuses Google (I mean blogging is only 12+ years old and done by millions of people - you wouldn't expect a multi billion dollar corp like Google - whose JOB IT IS to understand web content to have worked this out yet would you - nah - there's no money in correctly identifying and ranking new blogs with blog roll front pages - so Google don't spend one second or one cent even trying.. Googles motto:

"If you've got no cash? Then we can't be assed"

Getting some links, adding content of a similar nature - interlinking from your own sites other URL's with appropriate keywords, using appropriate ALT tags on images and getting the meta data sorted out, getting some inbounds with appropriate anchor text... the usual

Good luck
It is about 1 month old.
I do at times but I do on a weekly basis.
No, static front page.

How long does this last and does it go back to a higher ranking
I mean not showing for the keywords I want it to rank for.

Thank you for all your insight very helpful, lets see over the next few weeks.
You should do some SEO for the website. Do some Forum posting or either change the content of your website and include the keyword that you want to rank in your website's content and also in your title and in your description too. if you have images in your page then you should use alt tag and include the keyword in alt tags too. Rest assured if you do it properly your website will rank.
I have done everything and I ranked top page, just a few times this has happened where my site drops in rank till I re-fetch it.
then what i should suggest is your should do some Blog commenting. :) search blogspot on google and limit your search to past hours open every single blogspot and start doing blog commenting with your keyword and website url. this will give you backlinks for a longer time and your website's rank will not drop.
My site has came back up in the rankings and I am now 1/2 page for my keywords! Thanks for all the help /theard
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