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    Mar 28, 2012
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    Hey how is it going?
    I am looking for suggestion or comments on my site in sense of the layout and ad placement.
    I am not trying to spam or anything or get users. I have not really been working on seo too much. The stuff i did do were mostly no follow and probally most of what i have done was just wasteful. But luckily i found this site. I will be payin people 5 bucks for seblasts and stuff. Im still waiting on some the 1300 book marks for 15 dollars. Been 2 days but i saw some people had to wait 5 so i am being patient
    I have read and posted on this site about monetizing a fmylife style site. Which is what my site is like. I have changed some stuff around and was wondering if anyone could give me some feed back.
    One of my concerns is how the 336x280 appeal? I figured i would get more cpm vice cpc with this type of ad.
    Do you think i would be better off with 728 x 90? in between the post?
    Another thing is i hate text ads.
    I dont want my site too be too ady and throw off the content cause i want to build a community.
    Another thing is my keywords my senuke trial sayed my keyword was dont even bother but gogle analytics sayed competition was low.
    Any help much appreciated.
    oh and the site is if you search for mylifeispwnage it will come up.