Site Moved to WP - Should 301's be Removed for Penguin Satisfaction?

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    May 27, 2012
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    We had our Forex site redesigned completely in Wordpress in mid 2011 based on the recommendations of the designers/programmers we hired (which came highly recommended).

    One of the main concerns I had at the time was the uncertainty in changing the URLs of all our internal pages, since WP by default adds the category names to the URLs and gets rid of the htm/html extension of the pages. The designers reassured me that this was no caused for concern because they would 301 redirect all of the pages to the new URLs and that, over the long run, using the WPs category hierarchy structure should produce improvements in rankings.

    On April 24th we were penalized by Penguin (as described on my first Thread in the Hire a Freelancer section, which I'm now trying to move to the Buy, Sell or Trade section).

    Obviously, some of our most important (money-making) pages or sections lost ranking because of inorganic backlinks built to them while using money keyword phrases, etc.

    Based on this, my question is as follows. If the 301s to these internal pages (which are still active) are removed, could the penalty to these internal pages be lifted (i.e., the high rankings for the money keywords return)?

    Not sure how Google would handle that though, since they already know the 301s exist (and the new location of each page), so these links would probably show up as errors in our WMT account.

    Please let me know what you think.