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Site Loads Fine - Subfolder Sites Take Longer

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by tunescool, Jan 14, 2017.

  1. tunescool

    tunescool Supreme Member

    Jul 23, 2011
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    ive had alot of problems with hosts, and possibly my sites, files, i dont think plugins

    greengeeks im with now, theres been problems since i joined like a year ago. i always open tickets and they always give me some line that its my files, plugins, im over the usage limit

    ive been getting 500 errors alot lately and i have a $2 host account and i just got sick of it and i migrated my cpanel to the other host

    the new host is a new web host to begin with, they moved my cpanel and all my sites load slow, like a half a minute to a minute to load. they said theyd move my cpanel to a better server. nothing is any different, and then they said my sites take larger mysql processes

    the sites loaded almost like any site on the internet on greengeeks so i decided to just move them back to greengeeks one at a time

    i dont know what larger mysql processes means or how to take care of that but im moving them back to the old host

    i moved the first site, the whole reason i was getting upset with the situation was the 500 errors. they say its my sites, its back on their servers without any 500 errors now. its obviously not my site and greengeeks tech support is not good telling me its my sites

    the whole reason of this thread was to see if anyone would know why a subfolder would load slower. i have 30 subfolders, all wordpress blogs with no content, just a plugin for a store, and a couple other plugins

    greengeeks support doesnt help me

    there has to be a reason why the subfolders load slower
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