Site got banned on adsense, plan on redirecting that url to a new url.

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    Jun 4, 2013
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    Hey. So my main site got banned on adsense. I plan on redirecting that traffic from that site, to a different url so that I will still be able to make money. I was issued 2 warnings about having mature content on my site. It was some celebs who were caught naked, but I made sure to blur out their private parts, but apparently this was still considered mature content. I removed the content completely, then got a second warning for another page with mature content. I really value my adsense account, so I deleted ALL my content and decided to start from fresh. This wasn't too hard for me to do, considering the majority of my traffic comes from referrals and not search engines. No prob. Then the adsense bot or whoever is out to get my site, started moving to my VIDEO section of my site. And I had a video about midgets that apparently was copy righted? FML. At this point I was like, okay they are seriously just trying to find anything. And this time, the video got my site banned. Not my account. I get about 20,000 unique visitors a day from Brazil, so we are trying to just seek out our own advertisers, but in the mean time we would still like to use adsense. I know it's not the safest idea, but has anyone redirected a banned adsense site to a new url and gotten away with it for a while?