Single page penalty?


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Mar 22, 2009
Not sure if this has been brought up but my site currently has one page that has disappeared from the serps. Google webmaster tools shows no links to it and google bot isn't hitting it. Not sure if it's the google dance or a new type of penalty?

Anyone know anything
because he actually has negative thanks. that means a thanked post was deleted or something and took him below zero.
The same thing happened to me when I turned one of my sites into a autoblog. My site still get a lot of backlinks so the rest of the site ranks well, but my firstpage are not to be found on Google.
I had the same problem 3 days ago. Main page of one of my site disappeared from the visible serps (still in index). I have no idea why. I didn't make any SEO on ot. I moved from 2nd position to nowere :( It's not an autoblog. It's just mini site.
Maybe someone can help with it ? Just help to understand what is the reason.
Just for what it's worth guys, that page came back today after some link building and is ranking at number 5 in google :)
To be honest I'm really starting to get the hang of google. Most things that happen are temporary in terms of ranking etc unless you're doing completely BH stuff like keyword stuffing, cloaking, selling links etc. My page disappeared from the serps and the googlebot just stopped going to it but a week and a half later and the page reappears. All it comes down to is trust. If your site is not trustworthy enough, google will be suspicious. If you get high PR links from authority sites, google will raise your trust and drop it's suspicions. Obviously if you get 100 pr 6 links in one day with all the same anchor text on the same c-class you'll be sandboxed but nobody is that dumb right?
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