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Simultaneous use of Instagress and FollowLiker

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by bobbyjohnson, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. bobbyjohnson

    bobbyjohnson Newbie

    Apr 1, 2016
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    I'm currently using Instagress only to "like" photos of my followers at the fast setting (it averages about 30-35 likes per hour).

    Since the IG api limit is 60 likes per hour, I was thinking of adding Followliker (at the same time instagress is running) and have FollowLiker scrape users who have recently liked a photo of another user and like their photos. (I'd limit that rate to 20 likes per hour, so the final "simultaneous Instagress/Followliker" rates would look like this:

    Instagress: 30-35 likes per hour (likes on my feed only, as this help with engagement)
    FollowLiker: 20 likes per hour (likes on scraped users, this would help get new followers without having to follow/unfollow)
    50-55 likes per hour total

    Anyone have any experience they'd like to share? I'm looking at this scenario as a long term strategy to automate both engagement with existing followers and getting new ones at the sametime.