Simple Way to Make Money With Youtube Videos


Jul 28, 2008
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I just joined this forum and have overwhelmed with useful information. So I thought I would share something in return. Probably nothing you guys haven't already done, but it works....

I started downloading music videos from youtube, using software to watermark them, and re-uploading them to my account. The watermark would say "get this ringtone at ****.com" . I would also put a link to the website in the description.

I did this with about 200 older videos and was getting a little bit of traffic. I then uploaded some brand new songs (Justin Timberlake, MAdonna, etc..) and the traffic exploded.

The website I used redirected to one of the popular ringtone sites that I affiliate with and I was getting $9 for each new subscriber. Conversion were about 3 out of every hundred or so that visited the site.

I ran this for about 3 weeks and was starting to get alot of sales from it. Then I was shut down for copyright infringement. But I learned a few things that can help anyone else profit from this technique....

You can upload any video from Universal Music Group or Sony BMG and you will not get banned. Warner will claim copyright infringement. With just UMG and Sony there are thousands of videos you can use that will make you money. UMG and Sony will place copyright claims on your videos, but not remove them. They have deals with YouTube so they share the revenue generated from the ads on any page that shows their content. So they are actually benefitting from you using their videos.

You can easily rip the videos off of YouTube or any other site with a Firefox add-on called Download Helper.

I used the Moyea Converter to add watermarks to the videos. I had to pay for it but it was worth it. YouTube now actually lets you add text to your videos so there is no need for the software unless you are using other video sites.

With the help of some of the youtube software I have been reading about on this forum. I think this will be even more profitable.

I know it's not much. But I felt I had to contribute something.


Aug 30, 2007
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This is a very old tactic but it definately does work. I wasnt aware about the different music brands and how the react so that was very useful.

Good to see you made money with this tactic, now learn some more and make some more MFM!


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Apr 18, 2010
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Are you kidding me...why youre reviving threads that was made 4 years ago? These days forums full of spammers like Mrprashant.1992