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Simple True about Ranking in Search Engines

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by praetserge, Mar 12, 2015.

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    Apr 4, 2014
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    I finally decided to start a thread here to state a few simple truth about search engine optimisation and internet marketing.
    t0mmy started a few great threads and if you're serious about making money online then you should definitely read them:
    1. http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackh...ete-noobz-guide-competitor-link-research.html - Link research.
    2. http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackh...n-lies-right-now-truth-will-set-you-free.html - SEO.
    He has more very good threads and you should definitely read them in your spare time - stop wasting your time on seo-gurus when you have all the information you need for FREE.

    Link Diversity:

    You should never rely on just one type of links. Try to diversify and make sure you have links from difference sources, remember that nothing is dead in the game of SEO. How often do you see posts like "got PBN links but they are not helping... please help", "directories are dead", "build web2.0 properties and you rank high", "blog comments are spam", all those post miss the main point as you need link diversity.
    a. PBN links can be good but don't expect to outrank everybody with just one package ordered on bhw.
    b. There're still some very nice, looked-after directories and it maybe hard to get there but they are worth a try.
    c. OK, get some web2.0 but don't throw only spam at them.
    d. Blog comments really can drive traffic and link juice... just make sure you're really contributing and the site owner may use your comment as an idea for his/her next post and mention your website as a source (yes, it happened to me).

    I think it was 2010 or 2011 when google cracked on blog comments and some websites tanked as they heavily relied on the comments, but if you had link diversity then you would only rise in serps.

    Steal your Competitors' Links:
    It's easy to check your competitors' links using moz or ahrefs (and as t0mmy mentioned you can get 4 months free subscription to moz fore FREE). Have a look at their links and you'll be surprised how easy it would be to get some very nice links your competitors have, sometimes I manage to get a few nice links from highly visited and ranking websites in a matter of hours.

    If You Want to Be Authority then Behave Like One:
    I do get email (and many of you do as well) asking to do a guest post on your site, offering you the best experience money can buy. But when you read their articles you see that all they want is a link from your website and have no intention of contributing and most of the time use cheap writers and don't know about the topic themselves.
    Some people start "authority" websites about the topics they have no clue about and most of the time it ends up as a failure... you can't teach somebody if you don't even know the topic yourself.
    Start a website about something you're personally passionate about and know a lot of.

    Know your Niche:
    OK, so you know the topic well so you're ready to start your new website hoping to become a millionaire in one year, but most likely there're lots of similar websites on the internet already. This is were you have to look at your niche and answer to yourself: "How will I be different from all the existing websites in my niche?". There's no point of re-inventing the wheel, try to come up with something unique about your website and go for it.

    Rank your Own Links:
    Wouldn't it be nice to have posts mentioning your website ranking high in search engines? wouldn't be great if a visitor looks for something and most of the results mention your website? yes... when you contribute some editorials to other websites, make sure they are of the highest quality as the real visitors will judge your website by the way you're represented on the other websites.

    Well... isn't it the hottest topic on IM forums nowadays? So many people get slapped but some do soever so well.
    My personal take on PBN's (it's very obvious) is that your PBN or small websites/blogs should be designed and build for real people, they should be professional and unique in their own way. Don't you want a PBN where you get real visitors from search engines and as an extra bonus you could use those blogs to link to your main money websites to give more ranking power to them.
    As of this, I prefer buying small niche blogs (they don't come often but for a few hundred dollars you can buy blogs already making $10-$20 per month), so this way you are buying something with real traffic, real sales + it will boost the ranking of your main money site.
    Yes, I do use expired domains but I am very picky there and it's very difficult to find those... those domains are expired because they were not making any money so previous owners gave up on them so there's nothing really special about them (with a few exceptions, but those exceptions will be considerably more expensive).

    That's it for now... but I'll try to add more later.
    Forget about reading some seo-guru ebooks... it all comes down to hard work and common sense.
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