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Simple Spinnable Car Method

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by jay101, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. jay101

    jay101 Regular Member

    Mar 16, 2008
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    I'll call it the Simple Spinnable Car Method

    Maybe you like it, maybe you don't.

    This is a spin off of several methods tied into one that will double or tripple your payout for every 1 lead.

    First, don't take this method and try to use it fresh out of the box because that's what everyone who's not brainstorming will inevitably do and it will crash your understanding of the real idea, and that is to take a method and immediateley think of how you can make it better or use it in another section in another way altogether so as to increase your chances of a successful campaign.

    That out of the way, your gonna run a simple ad for a car.

    The ad will be of a fairly popular car, at a can't resist but still believable price. Something that is good on gas, or fast, hot, pimpin for the area, do some demographic research if needed ahead of time, whatever. The reason for not listing specific cars and their hot buttons is to have "you" thinking.

    Keep saturation down :D

    Give simple description in your ad or you could doll it up a little bit but in an average joe listing style, just see what an average ad looks like for car sale and tailor your own. Add a real image like parked out in front of a driveway, street, parking lot. Real as can be, non commercial picture.

    Ok, run the ad, preferably 10 ran over higher trafficed cities on CL etc.

    Let the response build for a day or so as you can stack quite a few leads first without the potential of flaggers knocking your ad off based on your response being to fast or flagging because you got some links in your mail back. Handle your response manually - no autorespond. Do it yourself or outsource when you build the need.

    Your going to reply back in an extremely helpful and apologetic manner using g-mail etc.

    EX. Response:
    First I gotta say I'm sorry, I had somebody respond right away and offered me ($500 -$1000 over what you were asking) I couldn't pass it up. But, I can show you where I got it for dirt cheap, I still have the link saved in my favorites.

    --Give a link to auction website 1.95 or free trial, cpa free signup payout etc.--

    I also just got approved real fast for my new ride using this guide, and believe me my credit was jacked. That's why I'm sellin this one so cheap.

    Here it is, try your luck.
    (link to your guide, or wherever you see fit to deliver it automatically)

    Anyway, sorry again.
    Strictly an example ad and basic setup, write your own of course but with similar feel and actions.

    Now, your gonna throw together a quick guide in pdf format using either openoffice or any other you'll find around here.

    The guide will contain several of your offers that will compliment each other.

    They can be moved around along with the other offers however or wherever you decide to in your guide, it's yours. Wherever it will come in to play most effectively in the steps of your guide and possibly command it's use.

    The guides gonna tell them to go to your free credit report offer, telling them that most will want a copy or it's to their advantage to be aware of their credit, know what to say, expect, anything that will convice them they need it and it's for their benefit to get a better deal.

    Then it will list a series of cpa offers for car loans. Guiding them on how to complete your offers by letting them know how easy of a 1,2,3, process it is and how they need to do it. Many of these offers pay pretty good, so lay it on them heavy when it comes to ease of use and mention high approval rate etc.

    Then a series of auction sites for cars with either free sign up cpa payout or membership trial.

    Then, list 3 - 4 insurance offers etc.

    Many possibilities to peice this puzzle together, just remember to use a variety of netoworks if your listing several offers that are the same. EX. 2 loan offers same network, 10 total spread over 5 networks.

    I'm not going to lay it out precisely for you, as anyone not using their head on this one already is missing the point.

    Customize and stucture it in a way that is in an easy to follow step by step format that will get them what they want.

    And let's just say for a moment that your guide actually works, maybe they might just send it to some friends, who send it to their friends etc.

    Some good ol viral action to go with it.

    1 lead, many offers delivered in one mailing = well you do the math

    All catoring and holding the hand of your target markets mindset and their moment of want/need.

    Remember when laying all this out - your not givin em a freebie, your givin them "the hook up!"

    Hope you can spin and run with it. It's not limited to cars.
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  2. avi_31337

    avi_31337 Regular Member

    Jan 9, 2008
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    Planet Earth
    wow ..... wish I can have some 10 people who belive in the guide and follow the step by step instructions...

    heheheh sure they can earn me 60~70$ each......

    nice method dude....