Simple PHP Script Needed

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    Nov 7, 2008
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    I need a simple php script written. I need a search box first of all. I would like it to be one of those bigger web 2.0 looking boxes, with the bigger text and submit button.

    Now, when a user types a keyword into the box the keyword replaces a predefined spot in a url. So, a user types chicken into the search box. The keyword, in this case "chicken", is placed into a specified link.

    e.g. becomes and sends the user to the new address.

    I will need to be able to change the initial specified url at my discretion.

    Also, it should be easy to put multiple search boxes on one page.

    If I need it, I will pay extra for installation.

    Should be pretty easy...

    Any takers? PM or post your prices please.