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simple method to make cash

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by markp, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. markp

    markp Newbie

    Jan 9, 2008
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    I stumbled across this by accident.
    if you dont speak French its useless to you but read on. Ive found an English version too.
    It is called skaaz. basically this is a bot that signs into messenger for you when you are offline and initates conversations with your contacts. you can train it with questions and put links in it to websites in answer to questions. you can see what to do with this. thats the french version out of the way.lol

    so I searched for an english version and found MyCyberTwin. do a search for it.
    Here is what you do. sign up for an account with mycybertwin. now sign in and go to my classroom put in your responses to the preset questions. fill all that in then fill in the special questions. this is where you put your links.
    so ..what can you do with this.

    use it for e-whoring. send them to a link to a profile for your whore..some of the questions are already predisposed towards this. you cant miss the question that asks for a response to "I wanna have sex with you". Have a look its there.
    there are loads of tutorials on e-whoring here. combine them with this.


    get them to fill in mail submits or soft offers.theres no end of ways you can do this.Find an offer on anything and phrase a question and answer round it and put a link to your page there

    so where are you gonna put this mycybertwin.just copy and paste the code and put it in your myspace profile or blog or site. you can put it anywhere.

    you can even use it in secondlife but you gotta pay for that unfortunately.

    if your still stuck for ideas have a look at the home page. for Mycybertwin. notice the celebrity cybertwins.. Angelie jolie and paris hilton. well just suppose for example you make a profile for angela..notice her name says angelena.. just make a profile for angela jolie.Right name, use a different pic or instead of paris call her ParisHilton, or maybe sarah Palin. remember the fake picture of sarah palin in a skirt? just have a question like. "wanna see more of me".

    Do not make the mistake of thinking people will not chat to your cybertwin. people are so fucking stupid they will chat to a store dummy.
    Just Use a proxy when you sign up becuase your ass is gonna get banned pretty quick,and make multiple profiles with different IP's.

    Im just waiting now to see the ebook on Dp and the server crash on mycybertwin.

    by the way. dont worry about your credits running out. your ass is gonna get banned long before that.