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    Some BHW'er know that im working on a free blackberry unlocking service.

    I have the legit tools to generate legit unlock codes for blackberry smart phones. This is a high rising market among teens and there is lots of money being made to my knowledge.

    here is in simple words my method .

    .i have bought the offical tools $xxx

    .created a simple submit form on my domain
    ( i will be taking orders via this form )

    .Created iframe on fb to get traffic

    .content locked the iframe on fb so users need to fill in survey to gain access to the free submit forum

    Once i get the info via email i will calculate the unlock code and reply it to them. however there is a small issue here. I looking for a small script of any type that will basically allow me to send the customers a password which they will enter and recieve the code in a " inbox " as a msg.

    instead of locking the submit form i want to lock up the recieve code page .

    Basically im looking for a simple script that will allow users to enter a password and view their unlock code in a message. sort of a message board which but password protected?

    any one can help me around this problem ?

    MODS- sorry if in wrong category ...
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    It depends on what kind of unlocking you want. If your happy to use a static pass, that's the same for all users, then you can take this that I've mocked up for you in like 30 seconds:



    $password "abc123") {
    } else {

    Edit abc123 to whatever you want your password to be, give your users that password, and set to the web page where the unlock code is shown, and to the web page where they are sent if their password is invalid.

    Simply save it in a file, say, check.php then set the action attribute on the form to it's location.

    If you're looking for something a bit more out of the box, or more complex, you'll have to find something else :).