Silver Structure - Earn 2% daily for 150 days, daily compuoding available, amazing site

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    Info+Registration -

    Silver structure, not like any other HYIP program.
    Silver Structure is investing in the silver trading business and give you the opportunity to join their investment group.

    *It pays 2% daily for 150 calender days with your initial investment returned at the end of the period.
    *You can decide what the compounding percentage is going to be(choose 100% to get the maximum profit, or a lower percentage for daily withdraws).
    * Fast Withdraws
    *The minimal invetment is only 1$! Only 1 USD to get started.
    They accept Liberty Reserve, Alertpay, Perfect Money, Solidtrustpay and Bank Wires
    *State of the art security.
    *Silver structure is unique in terms of professionalism and. reliability

    I'm in it for about 3 month now, at first I set the compound to 0%, I wanted to check them with withdrawals, they pay every time really fast.
    Now i'm putting it on 100% compound to increase my earnings(If you trust them and put it on 100% for all 150 days you can earn an insane amount... but most people don't do it, they want to make withdrawals from time to time during that period).

    Join here -
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    2% a day is attainable through silver trading but i would NEVER trust anyone not regulated by a proper finance authority.

    HYIPs always payout when their getting payments in ... as soon as the owners make enough they'll stop and keep the cash themselves. It's just a ponzi with a different name.

    Given 6 months you'll have lost your none-existant cash .... unless you're quick, then you might get lucky. But you'll NEVER make any serious money.