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Silo Architecture Need an Expert opinion

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by GWM3rd, May 12, 2013.

  1. GWM3rd

    GWM3rd Newbie

    Feb 26, 2013
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    I've done a ton of reading on Siloing, and I am getting ready to SEO a new site. I believe that Silo architecture is incredibly important.
    I see a lot of people claiming to be building silo architecture in WordPress, but every one of them has a persistent main navigation bar. If a site has a Nav bar, it can't really be siloed, can it?

    I am assuming, of course that the Nav is not being obfuscated by Flash, etc.

    Please tell me if I am wrong here. - If I am trying to silo a landing page , and all of the supporting pages have the navigation bar, then this is not a silo. You are bleeding link juice to all of the links in the nav. Am I wrong here? If I am, please explain why.

    is Siloing with a persistent nav bar effective? I am having a real hard time with this.

    In a true silo:
    1. You need to strip out all navigation on the supporting pages except for:
    2 . 1 link to the landing page
    3. links to all of the other supporting pages.
    4. Links from the landing page to all of the supporting pages

    Ex: Silo Landing page:

    supporting pages:
    blue widgets
    red widgets
    steel widgets
    plastic widgets.

    "widgets" will link to all supporting pages
    supporting pages link to each other and "widgets" - 4 links each - no other navigation.
  2. kgrittner

    kgrittner Junior Member

    Oct 20, 2012
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    Yes you can and actually should have a Nav bar what Silo Architecture is, is as follows:

    Main Page 1 ---> (Appears in Nave Bar)
    Sub Page 1 --> Would appear under main page 1 and be relevant to main page 1. Have one link pointing to Main page one, and 2 High PR outbound do follow links
    Sub Page 2 --> Repeat
    Sub Page 3 --
    Sub Page 4 -- Add as many as you can

    Then Create 3-4 Blog posts relevant to each Sub Pages with one link to Main Page 1, One link to subpage, and one High PR outbound link

    Then you build links to the Blog posts as this give the deep linking that Google wants.
  3. jascoken

    jascoken Senior Member

    Nov 1, 2010
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    IT/Web Systems & Development...
    Silo'ing does not preclude the use of structured 'deep' navigation...

    In a truly large information site, where some kind of categorisation/silo'ing is essential, you'd also expect category step links, which will take you up each level, right back to the root.

    This will be seen as proper site structure, and the percentage of juice that flows up each step, will be proportional to the page mass underneath it.

    Also, remember that Google really messed with page rank sculpting back in 2011/2012, so purpose-building this kind of SEO structure has little use/relevance unless you have thousands of pages. Of course, it looks and feels structured to the user, which will aid in navigation and the length of the site visit; which is always positive.
  4. djbunch

    djbunch Junior Member

    Aug 27, 2009
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    IM, Sales, Marketing
    I am an idiot.
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