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    Jan 10, 2009
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    What's alowed and what's not?

    I got an infraction (!) for advertising my cookie stuffing script in my sig, i haven't dare have anything in it anymore lol

    What can i have in it? URL - advert for something im selling?

    Anyone help me out? Thanks :eek:

    15 ? Signatures ? You must be a member of the forum for 30 days and have 50 quality posts before you will be allowed to use a signature on this forum. In order to use links or images in your signature, you need to be a Donor. You may post 2-3 affiliate links or 1 SMALL banner in your signature. Do not use a font size larger than 2, crazy fonts/colors, sound clips, excessive smileys, or anything else annoying. We reserve the right to change, delete or rearrange your signature as we see fit at any time. Coaching type signatures are also unwelcome and need to be approved by Staff before your allowed.

    ^ These are the rules for signatures, wierd how i got an infraction...
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    Hey bro, might be due to cookie stuffing not allowed to be discussed (in this case, advertised) out of Jr.VIP sections..