Sick of writing, ready to get this ball rolling! Hello!

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    Hello all,

    Name's Spencer. I just want to introduce myself, and say thanks to this community. :)

    I've been writing on iWriter for the past 9 months after hearing about it on this site. I made my first online profit on iWriter, and I've been making enough to seriously help out with the bills. However, I am SICK of writing (plus iWriter isn't getting many article requests anymore). Lol. So it's time to start trying out some of the wonderful methods I've bookmarked. Hopefully that will give me a good introduction to IM, so I can put my own plans into motion before the new year.

    Hopefully all goes well! My current goal: $10 --- figure I'd start small, and then go big!

    So hello all and thank you all for the awesome ideas. :)