Sick and tired of sites that take control of my browser

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    It seems that you cant visit any site anymore without your browser being hijacked by gigs of images, video, banners, ads and all the other crap they stuff on their sites, to the point that its takes minutes before you can finally do anything. The mentality is to stuff as much crap on a site as possible with the end users experience being far from pleasurable. Isn't anyone else sick and tried of this? Why should we have to put up with it? Takes me minutes before i can do anything sometimes while they dump a huge load on my PC.

    Hell, i have a pretty fast internet connection. Try going to a news site or one of this larger sites and see what you get. I can imagine what dialup users are experiencing. Even on a fast connection its getting intolerable.

    Imagine have to pick and choose which site you want to visit as a Cable user just because you know that your browser is going to be stuck for about a minute or more. :(
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    Chair moistener.
    there are add-ons to prevent that.

    1. adblock plus.
    2. no script.