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    OK... We made something like stumbleupon... I tried to make it very simple (for now) but we will add more options features and interests...

    We display 50 the best urls on index from all categories but you can go to category "Cars" and see 50 best URLs about cars... This 50 urls change their position because users view and voteup on links...

    You can select 2-3-4 interest to watch at once (etc. Cars, Humor and Photography)

    You don't need to register to see Urls... But if you want to Submit, VoteUP or choose any interest you must register... If you are registered and click on Show Me! button you will never get same website twice - you will always get different URLs... You don't need to vorry about spam. Our website will not accept more then 3 links from same domain in 24hours.... So u will not get same website often - this is a case with stumbleupon and and - if you stumble photography u will get pages from this websites every 2nd-3th hit I want to make discovery engine where every website has same chance to get traffic and users will get many different websites to see...

    ATM - We do not accept any warez, adult, comercial (like websites... Also websites about hacking cracking and those stuffs are forbiden...

    Please give me review or something Thx

    PS example ;)