Show me pictures of your PC/work setup

Why u guys need more than 1-2 monitors, that does not make sense!
Why u guys need more than 1-2 monitors, that does not make sense!

I used to trade crypto and had dozens of charts up at any given time, Now that im out of crypto the 3rd monitor is mostly for the kid to watch cartoons on while i work on the other 2. Definitely could never go back to a single monitor, would blow my brains out.
Why u guys need more than 1-2 monitors, that does not make sense!
I'm a developer, you can't have enough screen real estate when you're coding, I hate to minimized/maximize stuff all day :D
Usually got my IDE open on the middle one, google on the right, communication (outlook, teams, calender, jira etc.) on the left (or a [video-]tutorial if I'm following one right now) + a fourth monitor for having a twitch stream / some other kind of entertainment running in order to decrease my productivity.
I dare ask, WHY?
I always work from my home station.
Now I use a laptop with monitor and a mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse.
My PC can't handle software like adobe premiere pro and after effects.
I sometimes game with friends in my spare time on my PC.
I just hate laptops for gaming and working.
I like having a monitor and a keyboard that I can move around.

I am buying a second hand (4-5 months old, mac user who wants to switch back to mac) PC with a 4k 60hz 32 inch monitor with a strong PC build (GTX 1070 and i7 4770 with 16 GB ram) for €900 (monitor + PC)
The PC is not insanely high end but It will do for now :p

I will post a pic when I get it and set it up with the dual monitor setup and rgb lights, It is going to look sick
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