Shoutout group >2.5K organic followers niche: 'improvement'

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by MiqailMVP, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. I had some success by organizing a group with different niches, instead of the same niches. But there has to be some common ground.

    So here we will start a group, with common denominator: improving life.
    We need one account about fitness, one about personal finance, one about health, one about DIY building things etc.

    We will then make a post with an intelligent text, under the radar shouting out to the other 'improvement' account. So if you have a fitness account, you post a picture with an explanation how you do your personal finances, pointing to the personal finance account etc.

    • Account has to have >2.5K organic followers, meaning no bought indian followers who have no feeling with your account. Because they won't follow the other accounts.
    • If accepted you will become part of a small DM group on instagram 5-10 members.
    • You are allowed to make the post you want others to post yourself, picture + text., assuming you make it decent and not too spammy. The others will judge.
    • We will start with the initial 5. Posting 4 shoutouts on your account. Not following the rules will get you kicked and blacklisted: note we first make sure that the shoutouts we have to do are fine with us all.

    Apply by clicking on the homepage provided on my BHW profile page. (Can't post links yet). This will bring you to a googleform (I don't want to link BHW handles to instagram handles, privacy bruh).